Air Assault 3D


Pilot your helicopter and win this war




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Air Assault 3D ia an amazing action arcade game where you will have to pilot a combat helicopter in order to save your country from a terrorist menace.

The N.I.T.O. terrorist group has increased its activity by building some army industries and laboratories, so the danger level has increased too, rising to nuclear risks, and that must be stopped... by YOU!.

There exst two main objectives in Air Assault 3D: The first one is to eliminate as many enemies as could appear on screen, the second, survive.

When you play Air Assault 3D, you feel that feeling of those classical arcades which gave you hours and hours of fun and destruction.

Go ahead towards the end of the level and destroy everything, that’s the way you have to follow to reach your objectives, no matter if they are planes, aircrafts, helicopters, tanks, trucks, industries or ships, they are your enemies and they have to be erradicated.

When you reach a new level, you earn more armory, more destructive, more action, without any doubt, it is a must have for all those arcade lovers.
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